How to Heal your Gut: 7 Necessities

How to Heal your Gut: 7 Necessities featured by popular Texas life and style blogger Audrey Madison StoweHow to Heal your Gut: 7 Necessities featured by popular Texas life and style blogger Audrey Madison Stowe

How to Heal your Gut:

Happy Wednesday!! This week is GOIN’. ┬áIt’s busy busy busy but that’s ok. If you follow me on IG then you have definitely heard me talk about my health issues. I just say ‘health issues’ because I truthfully have no freakin’ clue what’s going on with me. I have a doctors appointment in Dallas next week finally and I’m eager to start getting some answers. I’ve definitely self-diagnosed my self with some things I’ve read on the internet that seem like what I’m dealing with lol. They probably aren’t accurate but there’s one thing I know for sure: something’s really wrong with my stomach/gut. No clue what it is yet, but I’ve been doing anything and everything to “how to heal your gut” and help stop the bloating and inflammation.

Even if you don’t have stomach issues or anything, all of these products are still good to use in your daily or weekly diet. I personally use them all daily.

How to Heal your Gut: 7 Necessities


Not the tastiest thing but works WONDERS. The taste is finally growing on me but at first I was like ummm… is this a joke?? I really have to consume this!? lol. I drink it two ways: Golden milk or Turmeric water. For the milk, this is a great “bedtime” drink. I mix a spoonful in with fat free, lactose free, milk and a little agave because it’s BITTER haha. During the day if I feel some bloating or inflammation happening, I like to heat up some water, squeeze a lemon, and drop a spoonful of this in.


This has become CRUCIAL in my diet. I’ve tried some from the grocery store and then decided to try this one from Plexus. I love that it’s made with all good ingredients. It’s called the ProBio5 and It’s helped me so much. I take one before bed every night. I don’t sell Plexus, but if y’all would like to purchase let me know and I’ll hook y’all up with my friend that sells it!


Super great for inflammation. Plus it tastes yummy haha. I try to mix some cinnamon in my tea every night and also put it on oatmeal or yogurt and granola.

Oil Pulling:

You do this with coconut oil. Pretty much you just take a spoonful of the oil to the mouth and swish it around like mouthwash haha. There are a TON of benefits of this for your dental hygiene (look it up!) but I also know that it helps improve digestion. I also hear this helps balance hormones and burn fat!

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Have y’all every tried this!? Brace yourself. It’s TOUGH. So I actually did this with my roommate a year ago because she said it was good for your stomach. I took a shot of it with her and screamed of disgust and then thought I was dying because it felt like my stomach was on fire and I just drank acid. Yep…. #dramatic. But I didn’t understand the benefits of it and when I started researching different things wrong with my stomach and gut, I kept seeing this pop up over and over. So, a shot a day it is hehe! I’m somewhat used to it now… but it does feel like acid going down your stomach still haha. But to me, I like to tell myself it’s just burning whatever bacteria is in my stomach even though I know that’s not the case haha.


Obsession! I remember when Kombucha was all the rage a few years ago and I thought it was disgusting and would never try it. Well, when you don’t feel good you will literally do ANYTHING haha. So, I tried Kombucha and I actually really loved it. I love the taste, how it goes down, and what it does for my gut.


Basically a really yummy (but bitter) smoothie full of good probiotics. #yaaaaasss. Haha but really Kefir is just another great resource to get your probiotics in. I never realized how crucial they are in your life!

How to Heal your Gut: 7 Necessities featured by popular Texas life and style blogger Audrey Madison Stowe






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